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( 26 July 2013  by Sopheap Chak )

To promote women representation in politics, the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) has released a map with data analysis of women candidates participating in the National Assembly elections.

The CCHR is a local organization that fights for civil and political rights in Cambodia and actively uses new media tools in carrying out its advocacies. Elections in Cambodia will take place on July 28.

The data used to create the map, which is hosted on, is based on the official record released by the National Election Committee (NEC).

Map of women candidate in 2013 Election in Cambodia

As shown on the map, only 18.96 percent  (168 out of 886) of titular candidates-the number of candidates who are listed on election lists; 25.69 percent (260 out of 1012) of alternate candidates-the number of ...

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( 17 July 2013  by Sopheap Chak )

Following from my previous post (in Khmer only however) on what kind of Cambodian politics is that one of my argument was that Cambodian politicians prefer to attack on each other personality rather than on political polices that would bring more benefit to citizen, this 5th mandate election which Cambodia is to vote on 28 July 2013 has brought something new that they deserve some applaud and hopefully this momentum will continue.

I am impressed with some of the right track that Cambodian politicians starts to play now: 1) the government [Apsara authority] has now responded to the opposition by releasing its Angkor Wat revenue data with detail explanation when opposition had said the reported revenue was underestimated 2) the Ministry of Education has reportedly released the table of teachers’ salary to response to opposition party’s claim that teachers’ salary ...

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( 14 July 2013  by Sopheap Chak )

Netherlands is one of European countries that speak Dutch. At first glance, this country was just similar to few other European countries such as Denmark where most of thing I have heard and know of is through the Prince and Me film. Well, I know this is no more relevant until I landed in this beautiful country and when I explored further about the nature of this society aside from my journey for the World Justice Forum.

The following are things that Netherlands impressed me the most and things that I wish Cambodians can enjoy the same way:

The world’s cycling leader

It is striking to see how cycling has been a way of life in Holland and it was recorded as the top country in the world in cycling. This country has developed a vast bike-friendly infrastructure to make cycling a practical and safe way to get on. ...

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( 04 July 2013  by Sophea Chak )

In the mid of election campaign in Cambodia, the country whose its fifth mandate National Election will be held in this coming July 28th 2013, a group of civil society organizations has jointly organized a National Political Platform Debate on “Special Measures to Solve Women’s and Children’s issues in Cambodia. This platform was aimed at providing political parties the opportunity to present and discuss their parties’ political platform in order to address the women’s and children’s issues as well as to provide the citizens with the floor to access to information so that they can be well-informed for their vote decision. The alert announcement of the event is available here.

The panel discussion among the seven parties (one out of eight parties was absent) including the Cambodian Nationality Party, FUNCIPEC, Democratic Republican Party, the Cambodian People Party, the Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, the Cambodian National Rescue Party, and the League ...

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