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Hierarchy of Laws in Cambodia

Release Date : 09-January-2014
Category : All Rights,
Type : Factsheet
Source : CCHR

Domestic legal instruments follow a specific hierarchy that needs to be complied with in order to respect the principle of rule of law. However, there have been instances where the Royal Government of Cambodia (“RGC”) bypasses this hierarchy and uses lower legal instruments to regulate fundamental human rights issues.

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Recent Official Interference with Freedoms of Assembly and Expression Events at recent demonstrations and protests indicate that the fundamental freedoms of expression and assembly in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”) are facing ever-greater interference and restriction at the hands of local and national authorities.

Trade Union Law 2016

24-August-2016  /  CCHR

Trade Union Law 2016 The Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”) has classified the Trade Union Law as red because, despite some welcome protections for freedom of association, the law contains a number of disproportionate restrictions on the rights of unions to conduct their activities freely, and is not consistent with Cambodia’s domestic or international human rights obligations.

Mother Nature Activists Targeted Again

20-January-2016  /  CCHR

Mother Nature Activists Targeted Again The recent illegal detention of Mother Nature activists and community members in Koh Kong province is the latest in a string of incidents aimed at preventing the Mother Nature group from exercising their fundamental rights.

Arrest of Vong Sokhengly typical of continued police intimidation Mr. Vong Sokhengly was detained without charge on Monday 04 January 2016 for​​ questioning and ‘education’ in regards to his peaceful protest activities. Police also attempted to have him sign a letter promising to move the protest away. This illegal abuse of power by the authorities violates human rights and is part of an ongoing tactic of intimidation in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”).

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