Commune/Sangkat Election 2012
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The map below displays data on both women candidates and women elected to commune councils in the 3 June 2012 Commune/Sangkat Elections. 10 political parties ran candidates lists in the elections the Cambodian People's Party ("CPP") , the Sam Rainsy Party ("SRP") , FUNCIPEC Party ("FCP"), the Norodom Rannaridh Party ("NRP"), the Human Rights Party ("HRP") , the League for Democracy Party ("LDP") , the Khmer Anti-Poverty Party ("APP"), the Khmer National Party ("KNP"), the Republic Democratic Party ("RDP"), and the Democratic Movement Party ("DMP"), with a total of 28,481 (25.65%) women candidates out of 111,056 total candidates. Of these, only 7 parties won seats in the elections. Women were elected to 2,038 seats, 17.79% of the total number of seat (11,459). The data below is taken from the National Election Committee ("NEC") .

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Women Candidates by Province
Women Candidates by Parties

The graph shows the proportion of women candidates (expressed as a percentage of the total number of candidates) standing for election in the elections for each province. In six provinces, women constituted 30% or more of the total number of party candidates. The highest number of female candidates was found in Phnom Penh (38.3%) followed by Pailin (33.0%). At the bottom end, Kampong Speu (19.6%) and Takeo (20.8%) have the lowest share of female candidates of all 24 provinces.

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