Map of Female Candidates for 2013 National Assembly Election
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The map below displays data on women candidates who are standing for the National Assembly Elections on 28 July 2013 and for which political parties they are registered. Eight political parties are contesting the National Assembly Elections: the Cambodian Nationality Party ("CNP"), the FUNCIPEC Party, the Republican Democracy Party ("RDP"), the Cambodian People's Party ("CPP"), the Khmer Economic Development Party ("KEDP"), the Khmer Anti-Poverty Party ("KAPP"), the Cambodian National Rescue Party ("CNRP") and the League for Democracy Party ("LDP"). There are a total of 428 women out of 1,898 titular and alternate candidates (22.55%). This data is taken from information gathered by the National Election Committee ("NEC").

Some key terms used in this map are explained as follows:

  • Number of seats: refers to the total number of seats available to candidates in each constituency. The number of seats available for each constituency varies depending on the population for that constituency.

  • Number of female titular candidates: the number of female candidates who are listed on election lists.

  • Number of female alternate candidates: the number of female candidates who are not listed on elections lists but are kept in reserve in case a titular candidate drops out.

  • Number of political parties registered: the number of political parties who have candidates registered to run in the national elections for that constituency.

Scroll your mouse over each province to see general data for that province. Click on each province to see the number of women candidates, by parties, for that province.

Women Candidates in NA Election by Political Party in All
Political Party Titular candidates % Alternate candidates %


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This chart represents by province the percentage of all women candidates, both titular and alternate, across all political parties that are taking part in the 2013 National Assembly Elections. Of the 24 provinces only three have managed to achieve women's representation of over 30% although an additional seven have managed to come relatively close with percentages of women's representation of between 25-30%. The province with the highest percentage of women's representation is Koh Kong which has 37.93%; Pailin and Ratanakiri were the other two provinces to achieve over 30% women's representation. Seven provinces have less than 20% women's representation and the province with the lowest percentage of women's representation is Kampong Cham with just 14.35%.

# of Total Female Candidates by Party
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These tables show that across all parties only 18.96% of titular candidates, 25.69% of alternate candidates and 22.55% of both titular and alternate candidates are women. The low levels of women's representation amongst titular candidates and the slightly higher levels amongst alternate candidates suggests that many parties still consider women as second rate to men.

The smaller political parties have the highest percentages of titular candidates that are women, with the KEDP having 44.44%, the RDP 35.58% and the KAPP 25.41%. FUNCINPEC and the CNRP have the lowest percentage of titular candidates that are women at 9.76% each. The number of women representatives as alternate candidates are higher for all parties with three parties having over 30% women's representation. Of these three parties, the KEDP has the highest, with 55.56% women's representation. FUNCINPEC and the CNRP remain at the bottom of the list, each with only 13.48% of alternate candidates being women

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