National Laws

Law on Environmental Protection and Management of Natural Resources (1996)   


This law has an objective to protect and upgrade the environment quality and public health by means of prevention, reduction and control of pollution.

Law on Nationality (1996)   


This law has an objective to determine the Khmer nationality citizenship for those persons who fulfill the conditions under this law and who are living on the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia or abroad.

Sub-Decree No: 36 on the Khmer Nationality Identity Cards (1996)   


This Sub-Decree offers the conditions and procedures to get the Khmer nationality identity cards.

Sub-Decree No: 30 on the Formalities of Application for the Authorization of Immigrant Aliens to Enter, Exit and Reside in the Kingdom of Cambodia (1996)   


This present Sub Decree determines the formalities to apply for authorization to enter, exit and reside in the Kingdom of Cambodia, of immigrant aliens.

Law on Management of Pharmaceuticals (1996)   


This law is about the management of pharmaceuticals to ensure the safety for people in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Law on the General Status of Public Enterprise (1996)   


The purpose of this law is to govern the public enterprise sector and to define conditions applicable to its legal status, functioning and control.

Inter-Ministerial Proclamation No:377 on the Fees for Cadastral Service (2002)   


This inter-ministerial proclamation is aimed to supply the instruction on the fees for cadastral service in managing the land and document-making procedure.

Law on the Protection of the Cultural Heritage (1996)   


The purpose of this law is to protect national cultural heritage and cultural property in general against illegal destruction, modification, alteration, excavation, alienation, exportation or importation. This law shall apply to movable and immovable cultural property, whether publicly or privately owned, whose protection is in the public interest.

Law on Suppression of Kidnapping and Trafficking/Sale of Hamna Persons and Exploitation of Human Persons (1996)   


This law has an objective of suppressing the acts of Kidnapping of human persons for trafficking sale and the exploitation of human persons in order to rehabilitate and upgrade the respect for good national tradition, protect human dignity and protect the health and welfare of the people.

Law on the Suppression of Gambling (1996)   


Law on the Suppression of Gambling aims to suppress the gambling of all kinds, in all places throughout the whole Kingdom of Cambodia.

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