National Laws

Law on Anti-Corruption   


In this law is understood as extralegal taking, either personally or via intermediaries, of property benefits and advantages by the persons who perform state functions and also persons having equal statute.

Law on Expropriation   


This law aims to define an expropriation in the kingdom of Cambodia by defining the principle, mechanism, procedures of expropriation and fair and just compensation for any construction and rehabilitation, and public physical infrastructure expansion project for the public and national interest and development of Cambodia.

Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Cambodia 2009   


Criminal-Code-of-the-Kingdom-of-Cambodia 2009​ is aimed to provide the limitation of this criminal law, what people should and should not do, and other mechanisms pertaining to the criminal law.

Law on Peaceful Demonstration (2009)   


This law is aimed at determining the organization and functioning of a peaceful assembly in the Kingdom of Cambodia.​The purpose of this law is to assure freedom of expression of Khmer citizens through peaceful​assembly, but this right shall not be used abusively affecting the​rights, freedoms and honor of others, good customs of the national society, public order and national security.

The Civil Code of Cambodia   


This Code sets forth the general principles governing legal relations in civil matters. Except where otherwise provided by special law, the provisions of this Code shall apply to property related matters and family relations.



WE, THE PEOPLE OF CAMBODIA, Being the heirs of a great civilization, a prosperous, powerful, large and glorious nation whose prestige radiated like a diamond; Having endured suffering and destruction and having experienced a tragic decline in the course of last two decades;

Law on Counter Terrorism   


The government passed a counter-terrorism law and a law to combat terrorist financing, and comprehensive domestic legislation has been promulgated and implemented.

Code of Penal Procedure   


The law in general provides something that ordinary citizens should be able to understand. One of its main purposes is to provide guidelines for their behavior, thus maintaining public order and enabling a peaceful life for everybody.

Criminal Procedure Code of Kingdom of Cambodia 2007   


This Code of Criminal Procedure aims at defining the rules to be strictly followed and applied in order to clearly determine the existence of any criminal offense. The provisions of this Code shall apply for criminal cases unless there are special rules set forth by separate laws.

Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the Protection of Victims   


This law has the objective to prevent domestic violence, protect the victims and strengthen the culture of non-violence and the harmony within the households in society in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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