National Laws

Proclamation of the Ministry of Interior No: 1884 on Delegation of Power to Provincial and Municipal Governors in Support of the Commune Councils (2002)   


This proclamation is about the delegation of power to provincial and municipal governors in support of the commune councils in Cambodia.

Sub-Decree No 26 on the Lease of Fresh Water and Sea Fishing Domains for Exploitation (1989)   


This Sub decree have the purpose to control regulate the lease of fresh water and sea fishing domains for exploitation in Cambodia.

Sub-Decree No: 16 on the Funds of the Communes (2002)   


The purpose of this Sub-Decree is to regulate the Communes​' and Sangkats' fund established by the Law on the Administration and Management of Communes, and Sangkats.

Law on Aggravating Circumstances for Felonies (2001)   


Law on Aggravating Circumstances for Felonies to ensure the kingdom of Cambodia society have better situation with the crime.

Sub-Decree No: 505 on the Provision of Additional Competence as Notary to One Specific Lawyer of the Bar Association of the Kingdom Of Cambodia (2001)   


This Sub-Decree is about the provision of additional competence as notary to one specific lawyer of the bar association of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Law on the Amendment to Articles 36, 38, 90 and 91 of the Law on Criminal Procedure (2001)   


This law is the amendment of Article 36, 38, 90 and 91 of the Law on Criminal Procedure promulgated by the Kret( Decree) n 21, dated 8th March 1993 by the State Council of the State of Cambodia are amended។

Land Law   


This law is intended to notify the possession of all kinds of real estates in Cambodia, and to protect that right and other rights pertaining to real estates abiding by the constitutional law of Cambodia.

Law on Regulation of the Exploitation of Mineral Resources (2001)   


The purpose of this law is to determine the management and exploitation of mineral resources, the manipulation of mines and all activities relating to the mining operation in the Kingdom of Cambodia save for the mining operation of petroleum and gas which shall be under a separate law.

Law on the Election of Commune Councils (2001)   


This Law has its purpose to establish administrative management of all communes, Sangkats in the Kingdom of Cambodia following a policy of decentralization.

Sub-Decree No: 29 on the Adoption of Orphaned Babies or Children to be Brought Up in Foreign Countries (International Adoption) (2001)   


This Sub decree offer the condition of procedure to ask orphan to became a child in abroad.

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