National Laws

Law on Commune Administration (2001)   


The purpose of this law is to determine the administration, according to a decentralization policy, of all the Communes in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Sub-Decree No 103 on Civil Registration (2001)   


This Sub decree has the objective to determine the kind and procedure of civil registration in Kingdom of Cambodia.

Sub-Decree No:38 on the Administration and Control of the Import, Production, Sale, Purchase, Distribution and the Use of Weapons, and Explosives of All type (1999)   


This Sub-Decree determines to protect and manage the administration and control of the import, production, sale, purchase, distribution and the use of weapons, and explosives of all type in Cambodia.

Law on the Management of Private Medical, Paramedical, and Medical Aide Services (2000)   


The purpose of this Law is to define procedures and conditions of functioning for management of private medical, paramedical, medical aide practice in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Law on the Addendum to the Law on Audit (2000)   


This law is to full up the Law on Audit of the Kingdom of Cambodia enacted by the National Assembly on the 12th of January 200 and this law promote to be urgently.

Law on the Management of Quality and Safety of Products and Services (2000)   


This law is about the management of quality and safety of products and services in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Sub-Decree No42 on the Control of Air Pollution and Noise Disturbances (2000)   


The purpose of this sub decree is to protect the quality of the environment quality and public health from air pollutants and noise disturbance through monitoring, curbing and mitigating activities.

Sub-Decree No:05 on the Management of Forestry Concessions (2000)   


This Sub-Decree shall determine the management of and apply to all forest harvesting activities and, forest concession agreements approved by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Law on Audit (2000)   


The purpose of this law shall be to establish an independent National Audit Authority, the National Audit Authority will be responsible for executing the external auditing function of the Government.

Law on the Amendment to the Law on Commercial Rules and Commercial Registration (1999)   


This law is the amendment to the Law on Commercial Rules and Commercial Registration.

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