National Laws

Proclamation No:217 on the Administration of Prisons (1998)   


This proclamation objective for control the jail with safety, good manner and have a better control prisoner with safety in society.

Circular No:001 on the Administration and Control of Civil Prisons in the Kingdom of Cambodia (1998)   


This circular is established to state about the borders of the power of the officers in controlling and managing the prisons.

Law on the Organization and Functioning of the Constitution Council (1998)   


This law has an objective to establish and determine the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Council, in order to guarantee the protection and respect for the Constitution, interpret the Constitution and Laws and to consider and decide on disputes related to the election of members of the National Assembly.

Law on the Election of the National Assembly (1997) and Subsequent Amendments (2002)   


This law shall govern the election of the members of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the election of the members of the National Assembly shall be based on the principles of multiparty liberal democracy.

Law on the General Status of Military Personnel of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (1997)   


This law states about general status of the Royal Cambodia Armed Forces ,including missions, duty, and obligation for the reconstruction and defense of the motherland and the supreme interests of the nation

Law on Political Parties (1997)   


This law has an objective to determine formalities and conditions for the establishment,registration and activities of political parties, in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Law on Abortion (1997)   


This law is about abortion in Cambodia.

Labour Law   


This Law's purpose is to govern relations between employers and workers resulting from employment contracts to be performed within the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Law on Taxation (1997)   


This law is about the legal procedure about the taxation in Cambodia.

Law on the Control of Drug (1996)   


This law provides general knowledge pertaining to drug which people should understand and other mechanisms to control drug in Cambodia.

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