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Recruitment Agencies Operate Without Oversight

(01-August-2014 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 58; Issue 84; Page 1-2)

In June, after about a quarter million migrant workers returned from their jobs in Thailand fearing the military junta’s crackdown on illegal labor, Cambodia’s government announced it had slashed the cost of emigration, and would charge workers only $49 to legally returned to work across the border.

Workers Protest for Speedy Pay After Fire Destroys Factory

(01-August-2014 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 58; Issue 84; Page 16)

The roughly 900 employees of a Phnom Penh garment factory gutted by a fire that killed a Chinese supervisor on Monday protested in front of their old workplace yesterday to demand a quick payout of their final paychecks and severance.

Electoral Alliance Calls for Greater Transparency in Reform Talks

(01-August-2014 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 58; Issue 84; Page 16)

Members of the Electoral Reform Alliance (ERA) yesterday decried a lack of transparency from the CPP and CNRP working groups that are hammering out the detail of an agreement reached last week to end a nearly yearlong boycott of parliament by the opposition.

Family Free After Alleged Abuse of Child Workers

(01-August-2014 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 58; Issue 84; Page 17)

Three members of a wealthy family accused of abusing and holding captive and 18-year-old girl for eight years and her 12-year-old brother for two years in their Tuol Kok villa remain free yesterday as police said they are waiting for the Phnom Penh Municipal Court to decide whether to issue arrest warrants.

Dead Worker’s Family Promised Compensation

(01-August-2014 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 58; Issue 84; Page 17)

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) said yesterday that it would compensate the family of a man who died on their job last month at a factory in Kandal province that produces clothing for H & M.

Cracking Down 101

(01-August-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post, Issue 1980, Page 1-4)

A deal to end political deadlock may reduce demonstrations in the streets, but the authorities are leaving nothing to chance – Daun Penh’s notorious district security guards are finally receiving proper government training.

NGOs Offer Own Reform Package

(01-August-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

A coalition of NGOs yesterday issued proposed drafts of a new constitutional amendment governing the National Election Committee, with one signatory saying the drafts, if implemented, would establish a “minimum” threshold of independence and transparency in the Kingdom’s electoral process.

Migrants in ‘Hurry’ to Get Back to Work

(01-August-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

A survey of 10 Cambodian provinces is studying the whereabouts and plans of migrant workers who were recently repatriated from Thailand, fearing crackdowns on foreign workers there after the coup.

Two Busted for Alleged Rape, Detention of Girl

(01-August-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post, Issue 1980, Page 5)

Two private security guards will be send to Phnom Penh Municipal Court today after being arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of raping a child, police said yesterday.

Defense Once Again Seeks Gov’t Witnesses at KR Tribunal

(31-July-2014 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 58; Issue 83; Page 15)

Initial hearings opened yesterday in the second phase of the trial against two of the most senior surviving leaders of the Khmer Rouge, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan, who are being tried on charges ranging from genocide to forced labor and other crimes against humanity.

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