Recruiters ‘cheated us’

(18-September-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Some 34 workers protested yesterday in Phnom Penh’s Sen Sok district in front of a work agency they accuse of sending them to Thailand with false job promises despite having paid a hefty finder’s fee.

Man Fund pledges cash for AFESIP

(18-September-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

A new organization has been created under the name of disgraced sex-trafficking activist Somaly Mam, which she says it will raise money for a local NGO she founded that lost funding in the wake of allegation that key parts of her life stories were fabricated

Unions upping pressure on buyers in $177 minimum wage push

(18-September-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Metres away from where military authorities fatally fire automatic weapons at demonstrators on Veng Sreng Boulevard during a nationwide strike in January, some 500 garment workers gathered at Canadia Industrial Park yesterday, calling out the clothing brand that unions say must ensure workers a living wage

‘Hell Life’: Prey Speu’s history of oppression

(18-September-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Earlier this month, a group of homeless people were rounded up from the streets of Phnom Penh and taken to a detention center they said offered meager, uncomfortable conditions and no access to a bathroom.

Soldier Faces Arrest for Shooting Villager

(18-September-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue26,page17)

Mondolkiri province, a soldier who wounded an ethnic Bunong man with shrapnel thrown up by a shot from his assault rifle has not returned to the rubber plantation where he works as a guard and will be punished according to the law, the district governor told a group of angry locals yesterday

Migrant Workers Get Refund After Lock-In Ordeal

(18-September-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue26,page16)

Eight migrant workers who say they were duped out of $300 each by a Phnom Penh recruitment agency were refunded yesterday after protesting outside the company’s office and late being locked inside

Fired Factory Workers Refuse Severance, Vow More Protests

(18-September-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue26,page15)

More than 5,000 employees of the Juhui Footwear Factory in Kompong Cham province who were fired on Tuesday after joining strike to demand bonus pay and better benefits yesterday rejected their severance packages and vowed to continue protesting.

Police Release Unionists After Workers Surround District Office

(18-September-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue26,page15)

Two union representatives were arrested and detained for several hours in Prey Veng province yesterday as a nearly weeklong strike for better working conditions and bonuses continued at the Chinese-owned Komchay Mear Trading factory, police and unionists said.

After Long Silence, Somaly Mam Hits Back

(18-September-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue26,page2)

Four months after a Newsweek article reported that Somaly Mam falsified her backstory as a sex slave, prompting her exit from The NGO named after her, the anti-trafficking activist publicly defended herself for the first time yesterday in an article published on the same day that a public relations offensive was launched on her behalf.

Unions Stage Lunchtime Campaign for $177 Wage

(18-September-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue26,page20)

Group of garment workers poured out of factories in Phnom Penh and around the country yesterday to demand a living monthly minimum wage of $177 for the industry, joined by supporter picketing outside embassies and brand shop in Australia and Europe.