(27-July-2012 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 52; Issue 47; Page 1)

A young woman appeared on the second-floor balcony of a house in Phnom Penh on Sunday and screamed. She and four others had been detained there against their will for more than two days, suffering rape, and torture and forced drug-taking at the hands of their captors.

(26-July-2012 / The Phnom Penh Post )

A mid a spate of garment factory strikes including one at Tai Yang Enterprises that has lasted more than a month Cambodia’s Arbitration Council yesterday said it wanted the industry to renew a memorandum of understanding on industrial action that has been in limbo since November.

(26-July-2012 / The Phnom Penh Post )

A child in a Cambodian drug rehabilitation centre was forced to perform oral sex on a military police commander while women in the same institutions have been raped for days on end, a damning new report from Human Rights Watch has found.

(26-July-2012 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 52; Issue 46; Page 15)

Local police in Ratanakkiri province’s Veun Sai district yesterday try to shut down a community meeting in which villagers were being educated about land rights, because it was being held without permission, rights workers said.

(25-July-2012 / VOD )

CCHR motivates the use of modern mass media system to promote and protect the human rights in Cambodia while the government is drafting the Cyber Law.

(25-July-2012 / The Phnom Penh Post )

Supporters of detained Association of Democrats president and Beehive Radio director Mam Sonando were prevented in four provinces from gathering thumbprints for a petition calling for his release yesterday association members said.

(25-July-2012 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 52; Issue 45; Page 20)

About 10 workers were beaten by police and military police during a protest over severance payments yesterday in Kandal province, workers and union representatives said.

(25-July-2012 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 52; Issue 45; Page19)

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Monday questioned its first witness in the case against Beehive Radio owner Mam Sonando, court officials said yesterday.

(25-July-2012 / The Cambodia Daily ;Vol 52; Issue 45; Page 18)

A traditional healer was arrested in Kompong Thom province on Sunday for raping a woman, and possibly dozens of others, under the pretense of issuing medical treatment, police said yesterday.

(24-July-2012 / The Phnom Penh Post )

About 20 families in Koh Kong province are accusing provincial authorities and military police of blocking them from farming on land that is part of a dispute with a Chinese development firm stretching back almost five years.