(28-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Half of the 10 people arrested on Saturday after a clash at a Kompong Cham shoe factory were released after being questioned in court yesterday, according to a union official.

(28-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Media experts are asking the government to consider granting citizen journalists the same safeguard as professional journalists under Cambodia’s Press Law.

(28-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

About 60 people protested outside Koh Kong Provincial Court yesterday after one of their community representative was questioned then detained over a land dispute with a LyongPhat-owned factory.

(28-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Villagers faced with losing their homes to the planned expansion of Phnom Penh International Airport and left in the dark about compensation sought help from Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday.

(27-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue59,page2)

Ten Arrested After Clash at Shoe Factory Nearly two months of mounting tensions between workers and management at a Taiwanese-owned shoe factory in Kompong Cham province came to a head on Saturday as employees clashed with police, resulting in the arrest of 10 people and dozens of injuries, authorities said yesterday.The dispute began on September 1, when more than 5,000 workers at the Juhui Footwear factory in Choeung Prey district went on strike demanding bonus pay and other benefits.

(27-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue59,page15)

Some of the families in a protracted land dispute with a pair of Thai-owned sugar plantations in Hoh Kong province say they were pressured over the weekend into signing compensation deals with the firms they could not read, because they were written in Thai, and without their lawyer present.Rights groups say more than 400 families have lost their homes or farms since the plantations—both majority owned by Thailand’s KSL—were set up in 2006 and been driven into debt, often having to pull their children out of school.

(27-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue59,page16)

The Phnom Penh Municipal Court in Saturday charged political activist Ouk Pich Samnang with intentional violence, causing damage to public property and obstructing the work of authorities after he drove his tuk-tuk through a security barricade near Prime Minister Hun Sen’s house during a protest last week.

(27-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue59,page17)

About 100 workers representing eight trade unions and labor associations rallied in front of the Ministry of Labor yesterday demanding that the government relax registration requirements that they say are being used to stifle efforts to increase their membership.

(27-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue58,page6)

Workers Blockade Highway in protest of pay and condition Thousands of worker from the Grand Twins International garment factory – one of two companies listed on the Cambodia Stock Exchange – blocked a major highway leading out of Phnom Penh on Friday morning to protest for better working conditions and higher wages.More than 5,000 workers at the factory have been striking since Monday to call for management to address 16 demands including a monthly $15 accommodation allowance and an end to forced overtime.

(27-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Cambodia’s new budget for the coming fiscal year is nearly $4 billion, a 10.8 percent increase in spending from 2014, according to a government statement