Labour talks ‘show promise’

(21-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

The first of 10 planned negotiation sessions between union manufacturer and government officials on the minimum wage in Cambodia’s garment sector yesterday showed promise, several who attended the meeting said. After the meeting of the working group, which includes nine members from each stakeholder group, participants were introduced to each other and given data to consider. “From my point of view, I think it’s good that the government has brought both parties to the table to discuss,” said Kong Athit, vice president of the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers’ Democratic Union.

Parties yet to agree on part of NEC draft law

(21-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Hopes that the ruling and opposition parties would finally reach full accord on a new National Election Committee draft law were dashed yesterday as talks foundered on the qualifications the secretary-general of the new institution must possess.After a meeting that lasted more than two hours, Cambodian People’s Party working group chief Bin Chhin and his Cambodia National Rescue Party counterpart Kuoy Bunroeun said the parties had reached “90 per cent” agreement. “But regarding the secretary-general and deputy secretaries-general [of the NEC], we have disagreed on the qualifications [they should have],” Chhin said.

Another protest turns bloody

(21-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Land protests from Preah Vihear province who came to Phnom Penh seeking a resolution to their disputes were brutally beaten by security forces yesterday as they attempted to deliver petitions to Prime Minister Hun Sen. About 100 people representing 333 families in Choam Ksan district’s Kantuot commune and Tbeng Meanchey district’s Palhal commune marched yesterday morning to the Chinese, Russian and Australian embassies before attempting to deliver a petition to Hun Sen’s cabinet.

Gov’t official vow to give Nauru refugees honest living assessment

(21-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

As a group of Cambodian officials reportedly departed for Australia and asylum seeker detention centers on the Pacific island of Nauru last night, the Interior Ministry said that refugees would be given a brutally realistic summation of contemporary Cambodia before they choose to come here.

Free Trade Union proposes $130 Garment worker minimum wage

(20-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue53,page15)

One of the country’s largest unions yesterday came out in favor of a new minimum wage for garment workers far lower than what many of its counterparts have been agitating for over the past several months, bolstering prospects for a compromise with factories.

Australia Thanks Cambodia for controversial refugee deal

(20-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue53,page15)

Australia’s foreign affairs minister thanked Prime Minister Hun Sen on the sideline of a meeting in Italy over the week-end of agreeing to resettle refugees seeking asylum in Australia , and stressed that the transfers would be on a voluntary basis.

CNRP says activists planning to split opposition

(20-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue53,page2)

A feud between the eldest daughter of CNRP vice president Kem Sokha and a teenage opposition activist who shot to fame during last year’s election has once again come to a head with claims the student activist is being used in a new effort to split the opposition.

Somaly Mam Foundation closes down

(20-October-2014 / The Cambodia Daily,Volume59,lssue53,page17)

Months after announcing the resignation of its founder and promising to start a afresh to continue its vital work protecting vulnerable girls in Cambodia, the U.S-based Somaly Mam Foundation announced Saturday that is has ceased operations, telling supporters to turn to other organizations to help the fight against sex trafficking and slavery.

Cybercrime law’s status uncertain

(20-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

A ministry of Commerce official said in a speech last week that the controversial draft cybercrime laws was almost ready to appear before the National Assembly, though another government official dismissed yesterday.;

Refugee deal praised, again

(20-October-2014 / The Phnom Penh Post)

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop met at the sidelines of the Asia-Europe Summit in Milan on Friday, doubling down on their support for the refugee deal signed in Cambodia last month, despite heavy criticism from human rights groups.