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Release Date : 11-June-2014
Category : Rights to life, Rights to liberty and security of the person,
Type : Press Releases
Source : adhoc

Phnom Penh, 11 June 2014 – The Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) is gravely concerned at witness reports to ADHOC investigators of the killing of up to nine Cambodian migrants and the beating of another by the Thai armed forces as part of the Thai military junta’s campaign to expel illegal migrants working in the country. This vicious campaign has seen thousands of Cambodians packed into trucks like animals and forcibly returned to Cambodia. Returnees have reported violent raids on houses where illegal immigrants are suspected of residing and incidences of the tearing up of documentation entitling Cambodians to work legally in the country. ADHOC will continue to investigate these claims.

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ADHOC and LICADHO urge Cambodian Constitutional Council to reject unconstitutional LANGO July 30, 2015 - As the Constitutional Council of Cambodia prepares to review the legality of the Law on Associations and NGOs (LANGO), ADHOC and LICADHO call on the Council to reject the law on the basis of numerous provisions that violate Cambodian citizens’ constitutional rights and freedoms. The law was passed both times by the attending ruling party’s majority inside the National Assembly and the Senate on July 13 and July 24 respectively. The following Articles, although not exhaustive, are of particular concern.

CSOs Condemn the Conviction of 11 Opposition Party Activists Phnom Penh, 23 July 2015. On Tuesday, 21 July 2015, 11 activists of the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party were sentenced to jail time ranging from 7 to 20 years by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court of First Instance, in connection with protests that erupted in July 2014 at Phnom Penh’s Freedom Park. We, the undersigned civil society organizations, strongly condemn these convictions as based on trumped-up charges and characterized by a total disrespect for fair trial rights.

CCHR requests urgent consideration of amendments to the draft LANGO or rejection Dear Samdach Vibol Sena Pheakdey Say Chhum, I am writing to you regarding the proposed Law on Association and Non-Governmental​ Organizations (“LANGO”) that will be discussed and voted by the Senate later this week. I wish to reiterate my grave concern and urge you to recommend substantive amendments to the law or to vote for its rejection. If approved and then promulgated, this LANGO will lead to serious restrictions of the rights to the freedoms of association, expression and assembly and to the right to participate in public life, in clear contravention of the Cambodian Constitution, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other relevant international instruments.

Cambodia: immediately quash convictions of opposition activists for insurrection Cambodian authorities must immediately quash the convictions for insurrection handed down to eleven opposition party activists on 21 April, the ICJ said today. The Phnom Penh Municipal Court sentenced the National Rescue Party (CNRP) activists to between seven and 20 years in prison following an unfair trial. “These men were grossly over-charged with insurrection in the first place,” said Kingsley Abbott, ICJ International Legal Adviser. “The fact they have now been handed down disproportionately severe sentences following an unfair trial only serves to underscore that a serious miscarriage of justice has taken place in violation of Cambodia’s international obligations,” he added.

LICADHO condemns the conviction and sentencing of 11 CNRP officials and supporters July 21, 2015 - This afternoon, 11 officials and supporters of the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) were convicted of charges relating to insurrection and sentenced to between seven and 20 years imprisonment. They were taken to CC1 prison immediately following the sentencing. Only one of the nine defense lawyers was present for today’s hearing after the eight other lawyers allegedly boycotted the trial. When judges unexpectedly called for closing arguments, the defendants requested a delay until their lawyers could attend. The judges denied the request and deliberated for just 15 minutes before returning with the verdicts and sentences. As they began to deliberate, police and military police entered the courtroom and the road outside the courtroom was simultaneously blocked.