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HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Raising
Health Unlimited
Young people are trained to put on community theater performances in their villages. Storylines incorporate HIV transmission, HIV counseling and testing, stigma and health rights.
Cambodia - Various

Humanitarian Mine Action
Lutheran World Federation Cambodia
The LWF works with the Mines Advisory Group for the removal of mines in the​ provinces of Northwestern Cambodia.

Improved Basic Education in Cambodia Program
World Education, Cambodia
IBECP has been designed with the goal of promoting "better educated youth" and "increased relevance, quality, and access in basic education."
Cambodia - Various

Improving Malaria Prevention Services
Health Unlimited
This program helps preventing and curing malaria in more than 450 villages in two provinces of Cambodia, by strengthening the health system so it can provide better services.
Cambodia - Various

Institute for Local Development (CILD)
Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture
This program focuses on building the capacity of rural youth to work for farmer organizations and community business.
Phnom Penh

Integrated Community Development Program
Development and Partnership in Action
This program aims to improve the quality of life of the rural poor through building the capacity of target beneficiaries, improving food security, health, education and natural resource management for the poor and supporting collaboration in development planning and programming between commune councils and people's associations.
Kampot, Mundulkiri, Ratanakiri, Steung Treng

Integrating School and Malaria Education
Health Unlimited
Through this program, over 50,000 school children are learning about the dangers of malaria in Cambodia that involves teachers and video shows.
Cambodia - Various

Khmer Farmer Product’s
Farmer Livelihood Development Cambodia
This initiative allows former trainees to gain commercial confidence in their new skills, and improve their incomes and livelihoods.
Phnom Penh

Land and Natural Resources Law Project
Community Legal Education Center
This project aims to promotes secure access to land and natural resources for vulnerable groups, particularly indigenous peoples, in Cambodia.
Phnom Penh

Leadership Program
Youth for Peace Cambodia
The program is aimed to provide workshops to teach students how to plan and facilitate their own workshops and micro projects.
Phnom Penh

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